Website Redesign

by Todd Phillips, 28 December 2014

The previous site served our needs for more than two years. From that standpoint alone it was time for a change.

Recently, I was updating the site components and found that no one had accessed the forums in almost a year. Then I discovered it was because they had been broken (I am still suspecting that was the result of a hack). And now I am receiving warnings from my antivirus software that there is a trojan downloaded attached to some of the article pages. Definitely time for a simpler approach with a smaller attack surface. Enter the new site design.

This version of the site is hand-coded using the Bootstrap framework. This has the added benefit of making the site fully responsive: it can be viewed equally well on a phone or a computer.

I have left out material that is out-of-date, such as all of the articles about our leadership summit from two years ago. Articles that are more timely have been rescued. If you have a topic you would like to write an article about, please contact me. I would be very happy to have other writers involved in the site.

9/12 Project 5th Anniversary Video

Here is the version of our video that we sent in to Glenn Beck for the 5th Anniversary celebration of the 9/12 Project:

We shot this at the Memorial Park in Lake Stevens, with the interior shots done in the Lake Stevens First Baptist Church. We were going to add music, but ran out of time to find music that we could use legally. Any musicians out there who want to donate some of their time to help with projects like this in the future?